Tigers Against Trafficking is a group of LSU students firmly committed to playing our part in the abolition of modern day slavery. Our heart is to mobilize both the student body and local community to actively address this injustice on a global scale. No one person can fight this alone, but together we can be a powerful force against injustice.

Tigers Against Trafficking has three main objectives: 1) Awareness– The average American has no idea this crime is happening all over the globe including our nation. 2) Activation -- Once a person is aware, our goal is to activate them toward being part of the solution by connecting them with local and global opportunities to combat trafficking via their time, talent, and skills. 3) Fundraising – Our hope is that every aware and activated citizen will help raise funds to support organizations working directly with girls rescued out of sex slavery so that each of us doing our part can collectively make a major impact.

All proceeds raised from Tigers Against Trafficking benefits will be donated to "The A21 Campaign." www.theA21campaign.org