TAT Blog The LSU students that stirred change across the ocean…

The LSU students that stirred change across the ocean…

Guest Blog by Maree Chapman, Founder of “The Make Right Project”

The Make Right Project is about seeing need wherever you go and choosing to respond accordingly. No formula or agenda, just people genuinely caring for those in need, in whatever form that takes. To make right brings a smile, a sigh of relief, an empowered spirit or a safe place…it doesn’t take much and it can happen everyday. In fact, it does happen everyday.

I firmly believe that one person’s passion can stir another to action, breathe life into dormant dreams and evolve into something life changing…that’s exactly how The Make Right Project began. Sitting in a café over Sydney Harbour earlier this year with my good friend Natalie LaBorde (inspirational and driven like you wouldn’t believe) we discussed the idea of truly making a difference in life. Meeting the real needs of people that we may never get the chance to meet. What could one person really do? Or even a group of people? She and a few close friends had recently set up a student group at their university (LSU) in America – Tigers Against Trafficking. (TAT) They were raising funds and awareness about the issue of human trafficking, a frightening global phenomenon.

Tigers Against Trafficking is an inspiration because it’s everyday people, (busy students at that!), taking the time to pause and reflect on the world around them and respond appropriately to the desperate situation of enslaved people. Big picture thinking suggests that the more individuals aware and actively choosing to make a difference for a cause, will see change. While overcoming the sex trade may seem insurmountable, pretending it doesn’t exist is the only response that will encourage its growth.

As Natalie and I chatted about her goals and efforts with TAT, my long-held dreams of making a difference in the lives of Russian orphans were stirred. Over ten years ago, I learned of the dire needs of orphans in Russia and throughout Eastern Europe and have professed to want to ‘make a difference’ ever since. In a moment of silence over what was a perfectly poured latte in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I considered my own freedom…and my own opportunities. I realised its not really good enough to just want to make a difference or to just feel empathy for a group of people or a cause, we actually have to respond. I actually had to respond.

I reasoned that if Nat and her friends back home could make a difference, be raising ridiculous amounts of money for the A21 Campaign against trafficking and be building momentum for a cause that will stay with LSU beyond their graduation – then what was stopping me? The truth is that nothing was stopping me, today was as good as any day to start…so I set up The Make Right Project along with PROJECT: orphan to respond specifically to the needs of orphans.

I’ve found that to make right is liberating, empowering and a never-ending pursuit that crosses oceans, culture, language and time. We’re starting small but dreaming big, inspired by like-minded everyday people that choose to make a difference. There’s a global community that’s standing against injustice and choosing to be a part of it, is choosing to be someone that makes things right.

True Fan of TAT…from across the world!!

Maree Chapman

For More information about The MakeRight Project visit http://themakerightproject.org

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