What is Human Trafficking?
The recruitment, transportation, harboring, or receipt of people for the purpose of labor and prostitution.

Sex Trafficking: the recruitment, transporsation, and trading of women and children for the purpose of forced prostitution.
  • the average victim is 14 years old
  • forced to serve an average of 20 men a day
  • the majority of victims are women and children who are subjected to brutal and incessant exploitation in the commercial SEX industry
  • An estimated 30,000 die alone annually from abuse, torture, neglect and disease

Sometimes women are kidnapped outright in one country and taken forcibly to another. In other cases, victims are lured with phony job offers.

Traffickers entice victims to migrate voluntarily with false promises of well-paying jobs in foreign countries as au pairs, models, dancers. domestic workers, etc.

Traffickers advertise "jobs" as well as marriage opportunities abroad in local newspapers and on the Internet.

When they arrive at their destination many are placed in physically confining conditions, their travel documents and passports are taken away and both they and their families are threatened if they do not cooperate.